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         Iceland History:     more books (101)
  1. Heimskringla: History of the Kings of Norway by Snorri Sturluson, 1991
  2. Milestones in Icelandic History by Jon Olafur, 1996-12
  3. Aspects of Arctic and Sub-Arctic History
  4. Promising Genomics: Iceland and deCODE Genetics in a World of Speculation by Michael A. Fortun, 2008-09-02
  5. The Literature and Romance of Northern Europe Constituting a Complete History of the Literature of Sweden Denmark Norway and Iceland: With Copious Specimens ... Most Celebrated Histories, Romances, V. 2 by William Howitt, 2009-04-27
  6. An American in Iceland: an account of its scenery, people and history ; with a description of its millennial celebration in August, 1874 ; with notes on ... islands, and the great eruption of 1875 by Samuel Kneeland, 2010-08-09
  7. Iceland: Nature's Meeting Place: A Wildlife Guide by Mark Carwardine, 1986-12-31
  8. Iceland from Past to Present by Esbjorn Rosenblad, Rakel Sigurdardottir-Rosenblad, et all 1998-11
  9. Northern Sphinx: Iceland and the Icelanders from the Settlement to the Present by Sigurdur A. Magnusson, 1977-12-31
  10. Mathematical Education in Iceland in Historical Context: Socio-Economic Demands and Influences by Kristin Bjarnadottir, 2006-12-01
  11. The Manuscripts of Iceland by Vesteinn Olason (Editor) Gisli Sigurasson (Editor), 2006-01-30
  12. Historical Dictionary of Iceland (Historical Dictionaries of Europe) by Gudmundur Halfdanarson, 2008-10-23
  13. Icelandic Folktales & Legends (Revealing History) by Jacqueline Simpson, 2004-10-30
  14. The Place of Iceland in the History of European Institutions by Charles Vansittart Conybeare, 2010-05

41. National Library Of Iceland - History
history. The library (Landsbókasafn Íslands – Háskólabókasafn) was establishedwith the amalgamation of the National Library of iceland and the library
The library (Landsbókasafn Íslands – Háskólabókasafn) was established with the amalgamation of the National Library of Iceland and the library of the University of Iceland and opened in a new building on 1st December 1994. Previous libraries The National Library of Iceland Established: Location since 1909: Safnahúsið, at Hverfisgata 15 Library holdings: 45.000 volumes, plus 14.000 manuscripts Legal deposit holdings: Two copies of all Icelandic printed works for preservation; also, two copies of all Icelandic sound recordings. Staff: Equiv. to 30 full-time positions The University Library Established: 1940, combining several existing departmental libraries Located from he beginning: Main building, University of Iceland Library holdings: 340.000 volumes Legal deposit holdings: One copy of each Icelandic printed work. Staff: Equiv. to 25 full-time positions

42. Iceland On Maps
Following is a short summary of the Cartographic history of iceland by HaraldurSigurðsson. The text includes pictures of key maps from each period.
Iceland on maps Following is a short summary of the Cartographic History of Iceland by Haraldur Sigurðsson. The text includes pictures of key maps from each period.
  • The first maps of Iceland
  • Carta Marina
  • Bishop Gudbrandur Thorláksson's map of Iceland
  • Surveying starts ...
  • The maps of Björn Gunnlaugsson The first maps of Iceland
    Oldest among the maps on which Iceland is shown is the Anglo-Saxon map, which is believed to have been made somewhere around the year 1000. If that dating is approximately right, this is the first known occurrence in writing of the name Iceland. The country is shown as a long island having a general east-west direction, fairly broad at the eastern end but drawing to a point at the western end. It lies to the north-west of Scotland and somewhat closer in, is shown another island, Tylen.
    Like most mediaeval maps the Anglo-Saxon map no doubt goes back to the ancient originals. The cartographer obviously had a rather shaky idea of the countries he was describing, and his picture of Iceland may in part represent general ideas about the Northern countries, especially Norway.
    Iceland is shown on several mediaeval charts, and on some of them it is north-east of Britain but south of Norway. This in particular applies to maps which can be traced to English cartographers although they were not all made in England. On other maps Iceland is placed arbitrarily somewhere to the north-west or north of the disc of the earth. Sometimes it becomes identified with the mythical land of the ancients, Thule, which a Greek navigator, Pytheas of Massilia (Marseilles), visited in the 4th century B. C. Towards the latter half of the Middle Ages the prevailing belief is that the two countries are one and the same. For this reason it is extremely difficult to guess what old cartographers had in mind when they put Thule on their maps; we often do not know whether they were thinking of Iceland or the mythical country of Pytheas.
  • 43. Virtually Virtual Iceland - Culture, History, Travel, Society, Birds, Landscapes
    Personal opinion on things icelandic, from the Sagas to the fishing industry.Category Regional Europe iceland Society and Culture......iceland, history, geography, people, vikings, settlers, photos, clickablemap, phrases in icelandic, electronic postcards, scifi, humor, humour,.
    Protective Rune from TheGodess Main Page
    The Sagas



    The Language
    Runes and Pronunciation Names ... Links var site="sm5iceland" Designed by Click on The Seal of Iceland above to look at the story behind The Seal Click on the puzzle piece in the Icelandic colours to find out why these pages are here Virtually Virtual Iceland Make your own tracks through Iceland, its history and geography Virtually Virtual Iceland Links to other sites A unique Icelandic poem of the Wisdom of Life Imagery A Clickable Map connected to Landscape Photos from Iceland - and most of them can be sent as Electronic Postcards Icelandic Landscape Stamps Icelandic Birds More Icelandic Birds on Stamps A tongue-in-cheek look at the Icelandic fishing industry Icelandic Transportation - The start of a series The Icelandic National Costume Colours of Iceland A little play on images from Iceland in order to hide the scenery You can now send all the images in Colours of Iceland as Electronic Postcards Variations on a Theme An interplay on one of Ed Jackson's photographs from Iceland should prove an interesting interlude And Chet Gottfried's Steps in the Snow have suddenly turned into Twelve Steps Coolsite is another try at hiding the scenery of Iceland by enhancing the colours Of Time and Tide Special customs connected to certain days in Iceland The old Icelandic Almanac Icelandic Weekdays The Superstitions of the Icelanders And a little about the , our Yuletide Lads And, then there is:

    44. World Travel Guide - Iceland - History Government
    World Travel Guide iceland - history Government - includes informationon the constitution and politics. WORLDTRAVELGUIDE.NET,

    45. Bigchalk HomeworkCentral Iceland (History By Nation)
    HIGH SCHOOL BEYOND World history history by Nation iceland. PastLand history of iceland. MIDDLE AGES Vikings; icelandic Sagas.

    46. Bigchalk: HomeworkCentral: History (Iceland)
    ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Regional Studies Countries of the World Europe iceland history. Past Land history of iceland. MIDDLE AGES Vikings.
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  • World Book Online Article on ICELAND
  • Overview of Icelandic History
  • Past Land history of Iceland
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  • 47. WWW-VL History Index
    Click Here for WWWVL Main Catalogue WWW-VL history. iceland. General Briefhistory of iceland. Medieval Millennium of Christianization; Leif Eriksson
    WWW-VL: HISTORY. ICELAND Click here for
    The World-Wide Web Virtual Library (WWW-VL) central catalogue
    The WWW-VL search facility.
    Click Here to access the Mirror at Florence, Italy

    Click Here to access the Mirror at Lawrence, Kansas, USA
  • Chronological
  • 48. Icedog
    history and appearance of this rare spitztype breed, with pictures, from Bolstad Kennels in Montana.
    There are no puppies available for the forseeable future
    ( January 1999 )
    Iceland Dog Bolstad Kennels Gimli, Manitoba Background : The Iceland dog is most likely the oldest pure breed in the world. When the Vikings settled Iceland in 874 they brought with them their trusted dogs. Today's Iceland dog can trace his history back to those times. The closest cousin that he has is the Norwegian Buhund. The main reason that this dog has remained unchanged for over a thousand years is due to the isolation of Iceland and the remoteness of the farms on the island. This dog was of utmost importance to the early settlers of Iceland . He was necessary for herding the herds of Icelandic Horses and the flocks of Icelandic Sheep. The best grazzing for animals was in the valleys and up the sides of the mountains and as there were and still are no predators on the island the farmers just opened the gates in the spring and let the herds go out into the countryside. In the fall it was said that the farmers sent the dogs out onto the land and unaided by humans the faithfull companion brought the herds and flocks home. Such great value was placed on the dog that after an extremely bad epidemic which ravaged the dog population, a farmer was willing to trade a horse and possibly even have to throw in two sheep for a dog. Apprearance Tempermant Rarity iceland.htm

    49. A Short History Of Human Impacts In Iceland
    A Short history of Climate and Human Impact in iceland. In order to understand iceland'senvironental history we first need to learn something about climate.
    A Short History of Climate and Human Impact in Iceland
    by Patrick M. Colgan, Department of Geology, Northeastern University
    The environment of Iceland has changed enormously since the country was first settled in the 9th century. The history of human impact involves climate changes, land use, volcanic eruptions, and modern technology. In this section you will learn something about how Icelanders have interacted with their environment, and how they currently are working to solve problems such as soil erosion. When the icelanders settled the country the climate was similar to today's climate. The Earth cooled significantly during the little Ice Age (1300 to 1900 AD) transforming Iceland into truly grim place. This climate change combined with poor landuse practices reduced Iceland to place of misery and death. This is illustrated well in the writings of a priest during the worst times of the 16th century. Formerly the earth produced all sorts
    of fruit, plants and roots.
    But now almost nothing grows...

    50. INT1715 - Geology And History Of Iceland
    INT1715 Geology and history of iceland. Last updated on July 12, 2000by PM Colgan Check out the new itinerary (updated on 7-12-00).
    INT1715 - Geology and History of Iceland
    Last updated on July 12, 2000 by P.M. Colgan Check out the new itinerary (updated on 7-12-00) In September of 2000, students and faculty of the NU Geology and Honors program will travel to Iceland for a 12-day trip to learn about volcanoes, glaciers, and Icelandic history. This page contains information about the academic class in spring 2000 to prepare students and faculty for the trip. The first part of the class is taught by Marty Ross and will focus on volcanic processes and plate tectonics. Patrick Colgan will teach the second part of the class which will focus on glaciers, climate and environmental history of Iceland. The last part of the class will be taught by Mickael Karlsson of the University of Iceland and will focus on the history, law, and launguage of Iceland.
    Colgan's Class Notes
    Iceland Web Links
    Glacier Web Links
    Volcanoes Web Links
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    51. History Of Iceland
    iceland's habitated history is just over 1100 years old, officially beginning in876 or thereabouts. During this time, naturally, lots of things have happened.
      Iceland's habitated history is just over 1100 years old, officially beginning in 876 or thereabouts. During this time, naturally, lots of things have happened. We won't cover them all of course but over time we'll add new and interesting sections to this page.
    History Age of Settlements Armed Forces in Iceland Early Settlements Early Visits ... Settlement in Greenland History - World War Two Iceland and World War Two Icelandic Air Ace

    52. Iceland -
    Fact sheet providing a brief overview of the country. Includes history, sights, and recommended books.
    The Nordic community online Shopping Travel Email Nordic Culture ... en español Shopping Scandinavian Market
    Community Your email


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    Nordic games
    Living in Scandinavia Nordic Culture


    Tourist info
    Newsletter Do you want to keep informed of our updates on Nordic culture? Click here to read more... Welcome to
    Map of Iceland (202K)
    WHO ARE WE ? We are 276,000 Icelanders living in the Republic of Iceland. Our capital is Reykjavik (170,000), the world's northernmost capital. Other towns: Kópavogur, Hafnarfjörður, Akureyri. We speak Icelandic. Icelandic has not evolved since the 12th century and is related to the other Scandinavian languages. English is widely spoken. Learn Icelandic here HOW IS OUR COUNTRY LIKE ? What does Iceland look like : The coastline is shaped by fjords and 52% of the land is a desert of lava and ice. Watch live web-cameras in Iceland here How is the weather : wet and windy. Average temperatures are 15ºC for Summer and -5ºC for Winter.

    53. Alþingi - Althingi's Homepage
    Parliament of iceland. history, working information, sessions, and pictures.
    Í nærmynd Ólafur Örn Haraldsson 12. þm. RV, F, ÓÖH
    Althingi's homepage
    Welcome to Althingi's English home page where you will find some basic information about the Icelandic Parliament. Nefndarmenn geta sameinast um að leggja fram frumvarp í nafni nefndarinnar um málefni sem eru á verksviði hennar. Landbúnaðarnefnd önnum kafin.
    Öllum fyrirspurnum, ábendingum og tillögum
    um vef Alþingis skal beint til ritstjóra vefs Alþingis.

    54. AriadNe/Culture & Recreation/Iceland/History - History Of Iceland
    Ariadne The European and Mediterranean link resource presents /Culture Recreation/iceland/history - history of iceland. history of iceland. & Recreation/Iceland/History
    The European and Mediterranean link resource for
    R esearch, S cience and C ulture Search Submit News Help
    History of Iceland
    Iceland History Find: Match: Any of the words All the words Search within this section only

    55. History Of Iceland
    history of iceland. Background Notes State. icelandhistory A lengthy encyclopedic history from Use
    zfp=-1 About History 20th Century History Search in this topic on About on the Web in Products Web Hosting in partnership with
    20th Century History
    with Jennifer Rosenberg
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    History of Iceland
    Background Notes: Iceland
    Historical information from the United States Department of State. Iceland History
    A lengthy encyclopedic history from Use the outline below the article to navigate through the complete text of this extensive encyclopedia entry. Flags of the World: Iceland Information, images, and available history of the current and past flags of the country. Geography and Maps of Iceland A plethora of geographical information and online maps from the About Geography site. History of Iceland A comprehensive timeline of Icelandic histry, from early visits by Vikings to the modern era.

    56. Iceland Tourist Board
    history of iceland A Viking Oasis Modern day icelanders often pointto the first Norse settlers as their ancestors, often speaking
    History of Iceland A Viking Oasis
    Modern day Icelanders often point to the first Norse settlers as their ancestors, often speaking fondly of their colorful Viking past. Much of it is written down in the Landnamabok (Book of Settlements), one of the early sagas. While there is some argument as to the motives of the first widespread Nordic settlement, convention holds that the Norsemen were fleeing the tyranny of the Norwegian King Harald Haarfagri, who drove them from their ancestral lands in southern Norway. Arriving in Iceland, they threw high seats over the edges of their longboats and built their new homesteads where the seats washed ashore, believing that the divine hand of Thor would choose the spot. Sometimes it would take years before the seats were found. The exiled Norse quickly developed their own sense of national identity, creating in 930 what is regarded as the world’s first parliamentary system, The Althing . Local chieftains gathered at Thingvellir , a natural amphitheater, where they elected leaders yearly. To prevent leaders from abusing power, The Althing had no military to enforce its will, a stipulation that would later cause problems when regional chiefs decided to take matters into their own hands. But for the most part, these early years following the development of the Althing were peaceful. It was an era of optimism, even for

    57. Iceland - History
    iceland is the only European country to have a written history from its firstsettlement. iceland's Althing was the first parliament in history.
    It is believed that Iceland was first explored by Irish mnks as early as the 6th century AD. They established a settlement on the south coast, and there were about 1000 monks there in 874 when Norse settlers arrived. There is a Book of Settlement (Landnamabok) written between 1100 and 1200 ad, which gives an account of the first 400 families to settle in Iceland. Iceland is the only European country to have a written history from its first settlement. The first settler was a man named Ingofar Arnarson. The old Norse believed in predestination. Arnarson threw a ceremonial column from his boat into the water and watched it drift towards land. Where it beached, he established his settlement. This was in a bay on the south west corner of the island, because of smoke from the volcanoes he named it "Smoky Bay" or Reykjavik.
    By 930 the population had risen to 30,000. Each settlement was ruled by a chieftan/priest. One of the chieftans went to Norway to study the laws there, to formulate a code of laws for Iceland. He returned in 930 and his recommendations were put into effect with the formation of the Althing (General Assembly). Iceland's Althing was the first parliament in history. The Althing had two bodies, one the lawmaking and the other, judicial. They met once a year in a valley known as Thingvaller "Valley of the Althing".
    Thingvellir is northeast of Reykjavik and was the first stop on our tour. It is a high walled outdoor room, rather than an amphitheater. There was a mound where the "Lawspeaker" recited the laws druing the meetings of the Althing.

    58. LycosZone Directory > Homework > History And Current Events > European History >
    What kind of iceland Websites are you looking for? Embassy of iceland history of iceland - Brief history of iceland. Grade Level and Current Events/European Histor
    Search For: Lycos Zone Home Family Zone Teachers Zone What kind of Iceland Websites are you looking for? Embassy of Iceland - History of Iceland Brief history of Iceland.
    Grade Level: 9-12
    History of Iceland
    General history of Iceland and the history of Iceland during World War II.
    Grade Level: 9-12
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    59. Iceland -- Primary Documents
    history of iceland Primary Documents. Saganet Medieval icelandicLiterature Images of manuscripts books published before 1901.
    History of Iceland:
    Primary Documents
    Saganet : Medieval Icelandic Literature
    A massive project of the National and University Library of Iceland and Cornell University
    in association with the Arni Magnússon Institute.
    With title or subject browse and a help guide
    (850-1177, written ca. 1225; English translation) Heimskringla : Or The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway
    by Snorri Sturluson.
    (850-1177, written ca. 1225; English translation) Icelandic sagas in Project Runeberg [Search for those items marked "Icelandic"]
    (Old Norse transcriptions)
    Icelandic sagas
    at Berkeley's [scroll to "Icelandic (Old Norse"]
    (English translations)
    Manuscript of Icelandic sagas written down by Ólafur Brynjúlfsson
    Digitized by the Danish Royal Library
    (1760; facsimiles) Stjórnarskrá lýðveldisins Íslands
    The Constitution of Iceland
    (17 June 1944 with updates to 2002; Icelandic original).
    Constitution of Iceland
    (17 June 1944 with updates to 1999; English translation). Guide to Law Online: Iceland
    Library of Congress guide to constitutional, legal and government documents. Archival Documents of Reykjavík
    from Evidence! Europe Reflected in Archives

    60. Scandinavian Studies Web: History
    The history of iceland from the icelandic Embassy in Washington, DC Libraries, Archives,Collections. Landsbókasafn Íslands The icelandic national library.
    Scandinavian Studies Web:

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