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         Poland Geography:     more books (100)
  1. Gorlice County Geography Introduction: Dominikowice, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Szalowa, Zdynia, Wysowa-Zdrój, Moszczenica, Gorlice County
  2. Pleszew County Geography Introduction: Goluchów, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Koscielna Wies, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Kucharki, Boguslawice
  3. Ostrzeszów County Geography Introduction: Kraszewice, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Marszalki, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Kobyla Góra
  4. Olkusz County Geography Introduction: Golczowice, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Chechlo, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Imbramowice
  5. Wieliczka County Geography Introduction: Szarów, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Niegowic, Staniatki, Kozmice Wielkie, Podstolice
  6. Turek County Geography Introduction: Marcinów, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Tarnowski Mlyn, Turek County, Mikulice, Greater Poland Voivodeship
  7. Czarnków-Trzcianka County Geography Introduction: Polajewo, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Stajkowo, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Siedlisko
  8. Poland (Popcorn: Countries) by Ruth Thomson, 2010-08-12
  9. Railway closures to passenger traffic in Poland and their social consequences [An article from: Journal of Transport Geography] by Z. Taylor,
  10. Poland Is My Home (My Home Country) by Gini Holland, 1993-03
  11. Sucha County Geography Introduction: Tarnawa Dolna, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Wieprzec, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Juszczyn
  12. Dabrowa County Geography Introduction: Szczucin, Zalipie, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Borki, Lesser Poland Voivodeship, Adamierz
  13. Nowy Tomysl County Geography Introduction: Przyprostynia, Chrosnica, Greater Poland Voivodeship, Czerwony Dwór, Greater Poland Voivodeship
  14. Puck County Geography Introduction: Wielka Piasnica, Rewa, Poland, Mechowo, Pomeranian Voivodeship, Swiecino, Gniezdzewo, Kosakowo

81. Geography
geography poland is situated in east central Europe, at the junctionof ancient merchant routes between north and south, east and west.
Geography Poland is situated in east central Europe, at the junction of ancient merchant routes between north and south, east and west. To the north the Baltic Sea bound Poland. The three major ports Gdynia, Gdansk, Szczecin are her gates to the world. To the south, Poland is bounded by the Carpathian Mountains with the High Tatra. To the east - by the majestic Bug River, and to the west - by the diligent, navigable Oder. The Vistula, the largest of the Polish rivers (1,047 km long), flows across the middle of the country. Click here to see the map Presently Poland neighbours upon Russia's Kaliningrad enclave (210 km) in the north, upon Lithuania (103 km), Belarus (416 km) and Ukraine (529 km) in the east, upon Slovakia (539 km) and the Czech Republic (790 km) in the south, and upon Germany (467 km) in the west. Poland's sea border, running along beautiful sand beaches, is 524 km long. The capital Warsaw is built in the banks of Vistula river. The capital and other historical cities as the Cracow, the Sandomierz, Kazimierz, Plock, Torun and Gdansk. They are all famous for their splendid architecture that is dated from the 12th and 13th century.

82. Poland
geography—note historically, an area of conflict because of flat terrain and thelack of natural barriers on the North European Plain. Environment. poland is
Location: Central Europe , east of Germany Area:
total: 312,683 sq km
land: 304,510 sq km
water: 8,173 sq km Area—comparative: slightly smaller than New Mexico Land boundaries:
total: 2,888 km
border countries: Belarus 605 km, Czech Republic 658 km, Germany 456 km, Lithuania 91 km, Russia (Kaliningrad Oblast) 206 km, Slovakia 444 km, Ukraine 428 km Coastline: 491 km Climate: temperate with cold, cloudy, moderately severe winters with frequent precipitation; mild summers with frequent showers and thundershowers Terrain: mostly flat plain; mountains along southern border Elevation extremes:
lowest point: Raczki Elblaskie -2 m
highest point: Rysy 2,499 m Natural resources: coal, sulfur, copper, natural gas, silver, lead, salt Irrigated land: 1,000 sq km (1993 est.) Natural hazards: NA Environment—current issues: situation has improved since 1989 due to decline in heavy industry and increased environmental concern by postcommunist governments; air pollution nonetheless remains serious because of sulfur dioxide emissions from coal-fired power plants, and the resulting acid rain has caused forest damage; water pollution from industrial and municipal sources is also a problem, as is disposal of hazardous wastes Geography—note: historically, an area of conflict because of flat terrain and the lack of natural barriers on the North European Plain

83. Lesson Plan For A Hundred Dresses: Language Arts, Geography, Mathematics, Social
book, which makes an excellent readaloud, introduces children to the idea of toleranceand also provides a segue into learning about a foreign country, poland
Lesson Plans Book Reviews About the Author The Boy Trap ... FAQ
From Fractions to Percentages With A Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes Grades: th Time:
  • 30 minutes to read the book aloud Part A: 1 or 2 hours Part B: 30 minutes to 1 hour
Book Review: A Hundred Dresses is a touching book about Wanda, a Polish immigrant girl who is so poor that she wears the same dress to school every day. Mocked because of her poverty, her foreign-sounding name, and her unbelievable claims that she has "100 dresses lined up in her closet," she and her family eventually move to the city hoping for better treatment. Only after she leaves do her classmates find out that she really did have a hundred dresses, though not in the way they expected. Overview: This wonderful book, which makes an excellent read-aloud, introduces children to the idea of tolerance and also provides a segue into learning about a foreign country, Poland. By drawing comparisons between Poland and the United States, students can make better sense of raw numbers about the population of both countries and flex their mathematics muscles. You can adapt this lesson to the abilities of your students. Materials: A Hundred Dresses by Eleanor Estes, Internet access.

84. IUB Libraries: Geography & Map Library Historic Maps Of Indiana
They may be checked out at the geography and Map Library DN.D. Budapest Title Central,Budapest, Hungary Date 1957 Call No. 64P.21 Title poland - Roads Date

Geography and Map Library Home

Wallmaps Available in the Geography and Map Library

The Geography and Map Library no longer acquires wall maps on a regular basis. However, we have retained the following as examples of this format, used extensively for classroom presentation of cartographic information. These are not yet cataloged so are not listed in IUCAT. They may be checked out at the Geography and Map Library.
Call No.: G3701 .E2 1960 .U57
Title: Older Americans in the US
Date: 1960
Call No.: G3701 .E2. 1960 .U51
Title: US Population Distribution, Urban and Rural, in the US
Date: 1963
Call No.: G 3701 .E7 1959 .U5
Title: Families with income under $3ooo in 1959 by counties
Date: 1960
Call No.: G3701 .E25 1963 .U51
Title: Standard metropolitan statistical areas of the U.S. and Puerto Rico
Date: 1963
Call No.: G3701 .F7 1964 .U5
Title: Congressional Districts for the 89th Congress
Date: 1964
Call No.: G3701 .E7 1960 .U51
Title: Housing Built before and after 1950
Date: 1964
Call No.: G3601 .E7 1960 .U5

85. Germany In CIA World Factbook
geography. Location Central Europe, bordering the North Sea and the Baltic Sea betweenthe Netherlands and poland , south of Denmark Map references Europe Area
...from CIA World Factbook 1995
This document is outdated and historic. A newer version can be found here
Central Europe, bordering the North Sea and the Baltic Sea between the Netherlands and Poland , south of Denmark
Map references:
Total area: 356,910 km^2
Land area: 349,520 km^2
Comparative area: slightly smaller than Montana.
includes the formerly separate Federal Republic of Germany, the German Democratic Republic, and Berlin following formal unification on 3 October 1990.
Land boundaries:
Total 3,621 km
Austria 784 km
Belgium 167 km
Czech Republic 646 km
Denmark 68 km
France 451 km
Luxembourg 138 km
Netherlands 577 km
Poland 456 km
Switzerland 334 km
2,389 km
Maritime claims:
Continental shelf:
200 m depth or to depth of exploitation
Exclusive fishing zone:
200 nm
Territorial sea:
12 nm
International disputes:
temperate and marine; cool, cloudy, wet winters and summers; occasional warm, tropical foehn wind; high relative humidity
lowlands in north, uplands in center, Bavarian Alps in south

86. Poland
poland joined the NATO alliance in 1999. poland, geography, Top of Page. LocationCentral Europe, east of Germany. Geographic coordinates 52 00 N, 20 00 E.
Home Countries A-Z Internet Dating Shopping ... Contact Webmaster Poland
Poland Introduction Geography People Government ... Transnational Issues Poland Introduction Top of Page Background: Poland gained its independence in 1918 only to be overrun by Germany and the Soviet Union in World War II. It became a Soviet satellite country following the war, but one that was comparatively tolerant and progressive. Labor turmoil in 1980 led to the formation of the independent trade union "Solidarity" that over time became a political force and by 1990 had swept parliamentary elections and the presidency. A "shock therapy" program during the early 1990s enabled the country to transform its economy into one of the most robust in Central Europe, boosting hopes for acceptance to the EU. Poland joined the NATO alliance in 1999. Poland Geography Top of Page Location: Central Europe, east of Germany Geographic coordinates: 52 00 N, 20 00 E

87. Section Européenne - Geography
Enlargement of the European Union. © 20012002 - Last update 23-06-2002Jean-Philippe RAUD-DUGAL / Alain BOSSOUTROT poland in Europe.
Home News History Geography ... Enlargement of the European Union - Last update :
Jean-Philippe RAUD-DUGAL / Alain BOSSOUTROT POLAND in Europe Introduction
Since the beginning of the 90's, Poland shows the desire of becoming a member of the European Union. She had fulfilled the most important criteria to enter the European Union, but there are still problems, especially with people minds. Poland politic:
Poland is a democracy witch guarantee the respect of laws thanks to political institutions functioning properly and in conditions of stability. The last polish elections were free and fair; the alternation of power was properly achieved. The opposition plays a normal part in the activities of the institutions. All the same efforts to improve the operations of the judicial system and also to intensify the fight against corruption will need to be sustained. The fundamental rights are respected except certain limitations of freedom of the press. Some laws should be created to fulfil the European union wishes concerning environment. Poland economy
Poland is one of he biggest trade partner of the Union: seventy percent of its exports are directed to E.U and sixty five of its imports originate in the E.U. the market economy can be regarded as a functioning one. Prices and trade have been liberalised to a large extent and the economy was stabilized. The banks and financial institutions must be modernized. Pension and social security systems need to be reformed in order to guarantee longer term stability. The telecommunications also need to be changed.

88. Poland Volunteer Program - Teach English And Care For Children
Volunteer in poland Teach English to Future Leaders. Click here to sendthis page to a friend! Sorry responsibility. poland Service Program Fee,

Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer In The USA

How To Apply

Request Information

Volunteer in Poland
Teach English to Future Leaders

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this page to a friend!

Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). Volunteer in Eastern Europe and help children prosper. Teach English language skills to ambitious Polish students and help ensure their futures. Work with "at-risk" and disabled children in a boarding school. Make a significant difference in their lives by providing the attention and stimulation they need and deserve. Demonstrate the great value of people-to-people service. Choose a volunteer program during the school year, or teach English at summer camps. Play, study and read with local students discover your "inner child" in a friendly and historic European community. "The volunteers are true ambassadors of peace, friendship and mutual respect."
~ Marek Blaszczyk, Poland Host Representative
Poland Volunteer Program Dates Poland Volunteer Work Projects In 1990, Rural Solidarity invited Global Volunteers to send teams of volunteers to teach conversational English in rural communities of the Siedlce region. Since then, more than 1,500 short-term volunteers have helped students - young and mature - to improve their English skills. Recently, Global Volunteers began providing service to orphaned and disabled children. During the fall and spring, volunteers teach in rural elementary and high school classrooms in the Siedlce region, east of Warsaw. The primary objectives are to intensify the young students' desire to learn English and to enhance the adults' ability to communicate in English. Emphasis is on conversation, and teachers and non-teachers alike are helpful.

89. EIN News
Daily news from America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, Transcaucasia, Australia and Oceania by country. Classifieds, chat, shopping, archive search, country info and much more. Hungary. Latvia. Lithuania. Macedonia. poland. Romania. Serbia and Montenegro
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90. Geography Home Page
THE starting place for exploring geography, from your Guide. Includes maps and geographic information about every country and state as well as a vast resource for students and others interested in geography. lasted a decade. Tool geography Glossary Definitions of key terms in geography. More geography FAQ - Answers to Special Maps of Iraq - Maps and geography of Iraq.
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In The Spotlight Thu, Apr 10, 2003
A Wandering Easter: Its Ways and Woes

The date of Easter Sunday, a so-called movable feast day in the Christian Church year, may seem a mystery to many who celebrate it. Guest columnist Farrell Brown explains the reasons Easter Sunday moves across the calendar.
Tool: Geography Glossary - Definitions of key terms in geography.
More: Geography FAQ - Answers to your geographical questions. Maps and geographical information for every country, state, continent and ocean. Start your search for maps and country information here! Special: Maps of Iraq - Maps and geography of Iraq. Special: Maps of North Korea - Maps and geography of North Korea.

91. Travel To Poland !
Basic Information Natural Environment Climate Geographical Regions History poland BASIC INFORMATION poland is a medium-sized country (312.7 thousand km 2

Castles Guesthouses Package Holidays ...
Foreign Embassies and Consultates in Poland

Poland - Geography and History
Photo Album
Basic Information

Natural Environment



Poland is a medium-sized country (312.7 thousand km ), located in Central Europe. It is inhabited by circa 40 mln people, of which all the national minorities make up about 1 mln persons. The average population density amounts to 125 persons/km . Warszawa (Warsaw) is the capital of Poland. The currency used is zloty (zl) = 100 grosz (gr). Above 60% of the population live in cities: the biggest urban and industrial area is the Upper Silesian conurbation. Besides Warszawa (Warsaw), Krakow (Cracow) is a city of great world renown: this former capital of Poland attracts tourists with its Royal Castle, Cathedral and hundreds of historical monuments. NATURAL ENCIROMENT Poland's natural environment is characterised by a considerable diversity. Its beauty can be admired in the wild scenery of twenty two national parks, c. 1200 nature reserves, more than 100 landscape parks and 400 protected areas. CLIMATE Polish climate is transitory, as the masses of oceanic air confront continental air over Poland; hence in every season of the year the weather is changeable and difficult to forecast. The average air temperatures amount to 6 - 8.5 *C for a year, the annual rainfall is 500 - 700 mm, of which snow constitutes only 5 - 20%. The mountainous regions have got a distinctively different climate: depending on the altitude, temperatures tend to be lower by several or more than ten grades, while the rainfall, 40-60% of which is made up by snow, rise above 1000 mm a year.

92. Travel To Poland !
Polish Railways Buses Public Transport In Cities And Towns Car Hire POLISH RAILWAYSRailway services in poland are much cheaper than in Western Europe, and at

Castles Guesthouses Package Holidays ...

Getting about Poland
Currency and Prices
Telecommunications and Postal Services

Measurments and Standards

Opening Hours
Car Hire

Railway services in Poland are much cheaper than in Western Europe, and at the same time their quality usually compares with European standards. The fastest connections are as follows: Krakow (Katowice) - Warszawa, Poznan -Warszawa and Wroclaw - Poznan, operated by express trains, IC and EC. A journey by a fast train from Krakow to Warszawa takes 2 h 35 min (on the distance of 292 km.) The lengths of journeys on the main domestic routes are:
  • Warszawa - Lodz (1h40)
  • Warszawa - Krakow (Ex 2h35, pos. 5 h)
  • Warszawa - Wroclaw (Ex 4h40, pos. 5h30)
  • Warszawa - Poznan (Ex 3h, pos. 3h40)
  • Warszawa - Gdansk (4h-4h30)
  • Warszawa - Lublin (2h20)
  • Warszawa - Katowice (Ex 2h40, pos. 4h-4h30)
  • Warszawa - Czestochowa (2h30)
  • Warszawa - Torun (2h30)
  • Warszawa - Olsztyn (3h)
  • Warszawa - Suwalki (5h-5h30)
  • Krakow - Wroclaw (4h-4h30)
  • Krakow - Czestochowa (2h)
  • Krakow - Przemysl (3h40-4h)
  • Krakow - Zakopane (2h40-3h15)
  • Krakow - Krynica (4h30)
  • Krakow - Zagorz (6h)
  • Krakow - Zamosc (7h30)
  • Krakow - Auschwitz (1h30)
  • Wroclaw - Poznan (Ex 1h40, pos.2h)

Polish national portal. Includes directory of Polish web sites, travel information and facts about Category Regional Europe poland Guides and Directories...... Important and interesting facts about poland. Quick Glance at poland. The world inpoland. more European Integration poland will soon join the European Union.
search within Polish Internet this site our info pages articles WWW directory show results News Polish archives Directory Travel ...
We recommend European Integration Poland will soon join the European Union. The Polish government and Poles are facing huge challenges. If you want to find out more about the preparation for the EU membership see here
Check the results of the survey.

European Year of People with Disability The year 2003 has been declared as the year of People with Disability...
Investigation concerning the Rywin scandal will explain the circumstances of the case will end without revealing the guilty will come to a standstill Today: Friday, April 11, 2003 Click here to make your Home Page News from Poland Authority is glad ... Economical situation Incomes, salaries, labour cost and unemployment level. How to register your business in Poland Step by step guide, where to go, what to sign etc. Taxes Detailed description of all four kinds of taxes payable in Poland Investment incentives Special Economic Zones. Travel Maps Road and tourist maps, street plans.

94. PGSA - Geography & Maps
geography Maps.


About PGSA



Maps Search Tools
  • Slownik Geograficzny Guide
    Have the entry from the Slownik, but not sure what all the abbreviations mean? This guide will unlock the mystery.
  • Translated Slownik Geograficzny entries
    Check here to see if someone submitted a translation for your town of interest. If not, why not submit your translation to share with others? Note that occasionally a town entry may be from another Polish reference.
  • Parish Information and History
    These are entries from genealogists and sources other than the Slownik Geograficzny
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95. REENIC: Poland
REENIC Home Eastern and Central Europe and FSU Regional directory Country directory ...
Poland Basic facts about Poland Internet searching tools (search engines, internet guides, etc.)
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Basic country information

96. Embassy Of The Republic Of Poland In Washington, D.C.
The Republic of poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska) is one of the largest countries inCentral Europe, bordering Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the
General Information News from Poland Polish Foreign Policy Business ... Useful Links PlaceMenu("menu01") PlaceMenu("menu02") PlaceMenu("menu03") PlaceMenu("menu04") PlaceMenu("menu05") PlaceMenu("menu06") PlaceMenu("menu07") Useful Links PlaceMenu("menu07b") The Republic of Poland (Rzeczpospolita Polska) is one of the largest countries in Central Europe, bordering Russia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. Its northern frontier on the Baltic Sea gives it easy access to Scandinavian and North Sea ports. Poland's shape is roughly square, measuring 400-440 miles across. The capital, Warsaw, is situated in the center of the country. Poland's surface area of 120,727 sq. miles ranks eighth in Europe. The country lies almost entirely on the North European Plain and is a land of gentle relief, rarely rising above 350 feet except along the southern border with the Sudety and Carpathian mountain ranges. Rysy is the highest mountain peak, 8200 feet above sea level.

97. Travel To Poland! Guide, Books About Poland, Hotels In Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk...
Means of Transport to poland, Air Transport PLN. The price of petrol inpoland is fluctuating, since it depends on the world market. At

Travel to


Package holidays
Tailor-Made Vacations
USD ... Travel Guide Fri, 11 Apr 2003 1:47 Polish local time
Travel Guide Means of Transport to Poland
Visa requirements Emergency Getting About Poland ... Poland - Geography And History Means of Transport to Poland Air Transport Road Transport By Coach By Ferry Or Ship ... By Train AIR TRANSPORT There are many international airports in Poland: Warszawa (Warsaw) , Krakow (Cracow), Katowice, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw, Szczecin and Rzeszow. The airlines which operate the majority of flights to Poland are Polskie Linie Lotnicze LOT (, which belong to the best ones in this part of Europe. Their offices in Poland are in: Bialystok, Bydgoszcz, Krakow, Czestochowa, Gdansk, Gdynia, Gliwice, Katowice, Kielce, Koszalin, Lublinie, Lodz, Poznan, Radom, Rzeszow, Slupsk, Szczecin, Warszawa, Wroclaw, Zakopane, Zielona Gora. Except from LOT, many other airlines offer their flights to Poland: for example, El-Al Israel Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Alitalia, Air France, Swissair, SAS, Finnair, Czech Airlines, Balkan, Lithuanian Airlines, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Air Ukraine, Iberia, Air India, Delta Airlines, KLM, Libyan Airlines, Malev, Sabena, Air Canada, Varig.

98. Zeference Dictionaries Geography Polish Yellow Pages - Polska - Poland - Polen geography Glossary Geographical terms defined. AGI GISDictionary ~ Free Edition- Nearly 1,000 GIS terms and 52 diagrams
>English Version
Polskie Firmy:
Firmy wg SIC

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Katalog Stron

Serwisy YellowPages:

Rejestracja DOMEN
Strony WWW DNS ZOOM ... Sklep Partner NETSPRINT Portofolio DVD Search TOP CHARTS Webkatalog Multi szukanie - mainSeek Polska - Netsprint ¦wiatowy Katalog Stron Katalog Firm Teleadreson Szukaj domeny TOP Reference Dictionaries Geography ... Help build the largest human-edited directory on the web. Submit a Site Open Directory Project Become an Editor P³atna reklama REJESTRACJA DOMEN KATALOG STRON PROFESJONALNY DNS SKLEP ... e-mail

99. Poland
Country Information. poland. , Remarks. -, Fact Sheets. , Official Travelto the Region. -, US Embassy and Consulate. -, Quick Links to Major Reports.poland.
Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs Country Information Poland Remarks Fact Sheets Press Releases Official Travel to the Region ... Quick Links to Major Reports
Ambassador Christopher R. Hill
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