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         Postscript Programming:     more books (39)
  1. PostScript(R) Language Reference (3rd Edition) by Adobe Systems Inc., 1999-03-18
  2. Understanding PostScript Programming by David A. Holzgang, 1988-10
  3. Display Postscript Programming by David A. Holzgang, 1990-07
  4. PostScript(R) Language Tutorial and Cookbook by Adobe Systems Inc., 1985-01-11
  5. Postscript Programmer's Reference Guide: Featuring Phoenix Page by David Holzgang, 1989-05
  6. Encapsulated Postscript: Application Guide for the Macintosh and PCs by Peter Vollenweider, 1990-12
  7. PostScript(R) Language Program Design by Adobe Systems Inc., 1988-01-11
  8. PostScript(R) by Example by Henry McGilton, Mary Campione, 1992-09-30
  9. Programming the Display Postscript System With Nextstep by Adobe Systems, 1991-11
  10. Programming the Display Postscript System With X (APL) by Adobe Systems, 1993-01
  11. Concatenative Programming Languages: Forth, Postscript, Factor, Cat, Hartmann Pipeline, Joy, Colorforth, Concatenative Programming Language
  12. Understanding Postscript by David A. Holzgang, 1992-03
  13. Running Postscript from MS-DOS by Gary Glover, 1989-05
  14. Hands-On Postscript/Book and Disk (Electronic publishing library) by Michael B. Spring, David S. Dubin, 1992-05

61. PostScript Quick Tips
Short programming examples.
PostScript Quick Tips
Herb Weiner ( writes the PostScript Quick Tips column for X-Change, the Adobe Technology Exchange (ATX) newsletter. PostScript Quick Tips are PDF (Portable Document Format) files, which can be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader or Exchange. Another useful reference is the PostScript Frequently Asked Questions from the Usenet comp.lang.postscript newsgroup.
Creating a Mirror Image Font
Have you ever needed a mirror image of a symbol from the Zapf Dingbats font? Perhaps you've needed a hand or arrow pointing to the left rather than to the right. This Quick Tip demonstrates how to create a Zapf Dingbats Mirror font, in which each character is a mirror image of the corresponding character from the Zapf Dingbats font. Once you understand the process, you'll be able to use this same technique to create additional mirror fonts.
Creating a Background Text Message
Have you ever seen paper with the word "Confidential" printed diagonally in a large outline from the lower left corner to the upper right corner? Have you ever wished you could label your own documents "Preliminary", "Draft", "For Review Only", or with some similar message? This Quick Tip demonstrates how to create a background text message for your pages.
Formatting Recipes
Formatting recipes is a problem that is not handled well by most desktop publishing software. We want our recipes to be attractive, yet easy to use for both shopping and preparation. We also must have a format that's easy to update, so that revising the instructions or adding an ingredient does not require tedious manual reformatting. This Quick Tip describes the technique used to format the recipes in

62. PostScript Manual
David Maxwell's introduction to programming in postscript.

63. Programming In PostScript
Services 6. Printing 20. Frequently asked questions about postscript7. programming in postscript Topic programming in postscript.
About AIT Getting Started Help Services ... Resources OLC Search: Path to this OLC Stock Answer: OLC Stock Answers Master Index Answers about Basic Project Vincent Services Printing Frequently asked questions about PostScript ... Programming in PostScript Topic: Programming in PostScript
  • What is PostScript level 2?
  • Should I learn level 2 PostScript
  • Where can I find examples of PostScript code?
  • How do I get the physical size of a page? ... Contact
  • 64. Alexa Web Search - Subjects > Computers > Programming > Languages > Postscript
    Most Popular In postscript The 5 most visited sites in

    65. Practical Programming In Tcl And Tk
    Please check out the latest edition. This is an exampleoriented book aboutTcl and Tk programming. Compressed postscript of January 13, 1995 DRAFT.
    Practical Programming in Tcl and Tk
    Click here for full sized image of cover. This is an example-oriented book about Tcl and Tk programming. The examples include a general preference package, use of the X resource database, and user-defined buttons and menus for extensible applications. In addition to the examples, there are complete summaries of the Tcl 7.4 commands and Tk 4.0 widgets. The sources for the examples are included in a floppy disk that comes with the book, and you can find them on-line in the file examples.tar.1.3.gz First Edition Info This book has been available on the net in draft form since 1994. Your feedback from the draft made the book much better. The last free draft is still available on-line curtesy of the kind folks at Prentice Hall. The draft is dated January 13, 1995. The book came into print in May, 1995. The draft has typos and other errors. The draft has a really poor index. The draft is missing a couple of important sections. If you are still interested, you can download and print the draft for personal use only. Print two-sided; it is about 450 pages. Consider this a kind of shareware. If you like the book, buy a clean copy at the bookstore.

    66. IDL Programming Tips
    How do I create a postscript file of object graphic output? Object programming Tips.Can you recommend a book to learn about objectoriented programming in IDL?
    IDL Programming Tips
    This IDL Programming Tips and Tricks database is constantly being updated. I have a large collection of tips I've collected from teaching hundreds of IDL programming classes and from the IDL news group (comp.lang.idl-pvwave). I hope to add them to this list over time. I try to add a half dozen or so new tips per month. If you have a question that you would like to see answered here, please fill out this question form . I'd like to provide answers to questions that most interest IDL users.
    Search Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming
    Search WWW Search Coyote's Guide
    Tip Topics
    New Tips
    These new tips were added in March 2003.

    67. Beej's Guide To Network Programming
    Beej's Guide to Network programming. Using Internet Sockets. POLL RESULTSI smaller). postscript; Gzipped postscript; Zipped postscript.
    Beej's Guide to Network Programming
    Using Internet Sockets
    POLL RESULTS I will be preserving the HTML and PDF versions, though I might ditch DocBook eventually. Also, I will probably not publish the Guide as a book for some time, as I have just started a new job. I've converted the guide to DocBook XML so now it's available in a variety of different formats. Hurrah for technology!
    Let me know if you have mirrored the site.
    Let me know if you have made a translation that I should link to.

    68. Programming Contest Problems Archive
    If you are preparing for a programming contest, this page might be useful. Includes past problems Category Computers programming Contests...... 1992 in TeX and gzipped postscript format ODU ACM Spring programming Contest 1993in TeX and gzipped postscript format Mountain Region programming Contest 1990
    Welcome to the Programming Contest Problems Archive!
    If you are preparing for a programming contest or just want to have some interesting problems this page might be useful. Here you can find past problems of national, regional and international contests. Have fun! This page was accessed times since December 1996.
    New Items:
    ACM Central European Region 1997
    ACM East Central Region 1997
    ACM Mid-Central Region 1997
    International Olympiad in Informatics
    IOI'89 - Pravetz, Bulgaria
    IOI'90 - Minsk, Belarus, Soviet-Union
    IOI'91 - Athens, Greece
    IOI'92 - Bonn, Germany ...
    IOI'95 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands
    Day 1 tasks: A Game Job Processing Network of Schools in zipped Word for Windows format and in HTML
    Day 1 solutions (in Pascal): A Game Job Processing Network of Schools
    Day 2 tasks: Sorting a Three-Valued Sequence Longest Prefix Magic Squares in zipped Word for Windows format and in HTML
    Day 2 solutions (in Pascal): Sorting a Three-Valued Sequence Longest Prefix Magic Squares
    Miscellaneous: test data for all the 6 tasks, mtool.exe to the task Magic Squares include modules for the task A Game
    The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
    ACM'91 in text and HTML
    ACM'92 in text and HTML
    ACM'93 in text and HTML
    ACM'94 in text and HTML
    ACM'95 in text and HTML
    DUKE Internet Programming Contest
    1990 problems in TeX and Postscript format and complete package (.tar.gz)

    69. The Annual Berkeley Programming Contest
    General information, problem statements and contest results of this contest at the Computer Science Category Computers programming Contests ACM Local...... (postscript form); Fall 1992 contest problems. (postscript form); Fall 1991 contestproblems. (postscript form); 1986 programming Contest. Problems from Elsewhere.
    The Annual Berkeley Programming Contest
    • Berkeley places second in 2002 Pacific Northwest Regional Programming Contest . The contest was held on November 9th at facilities of DeVry Institute in Fremont and Seattle. Here are the full standings , and the problems
    • The Twelfth Annual Berkeley Programming Contest took place on Saturday, 19 October 2002, starting at 1000. You can find the results here
    • Programming contests generally are becoming common. Here's an article on the subject.
    About the Contest
    Since 1991, the Computer Science Division has sponsored an informal programming contest each fall, the top placers of which form that year's Berkeley teams in the annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (``ACM'' stands for the Association for Computing Machinery). Like the ACM contests, our contestants have five hours in which to write working solutions (in C, C++, or Java) to eight programming problems. We score by the number of correct solutions, breaking ties on the basis of the total time required to complete the correct submissions and the number of incorrect submissions.
    Past Berkeley Contests

    70. CS-TR-02-9: Notes On Postmodern Programming
    or if you must Source Adobe PDF(1797kb) ; GZipped postscript(1700kb) and more importantly)because an understanding of postmodern programming is precisely
    Notes on Postmodern Programming
    CS-TR-02-9 Authors: James Noble, Robert Biddle
    Source: [US mirror 1] Adobe PDF ; GZipped PostScript
    Source: [US mirror 2] Adobe PDF ; GZipped PostScript
    Source: [US mirror 3] Adobe PDF ; GZipped PostScript
    Source: [US mirror 4] Adobe PDF ; GZipped PostScript
    Source: [NZ mirror 1] Adobe PDF ; GZipped PostScript
    Source: [NZ mirror 2] Adobe PDF ; GZipped PostScript
    Source: [NZ mirror 3] Adobe PDF ; GZipped PostScript
    or if you must
    Source: Adobe PDF ; GZipped PostScript
    Up to Computer Science Technical Report Archive: Home Page

    71. Secure Internet Programming: Java Security: From HotJava To Netscape And Beyond
    Text postscript (144 KB) gzip'd postscript (50 KB) PDF (Adobe Acrobat 2.1)(156 KB) Slides Bell Labs Talk, 5 April 1996, 35 slides, one per page.
    History People Partners Research ... Links
    Drew Dean
    Edward W. Felten
    Dan S. Wallach
    1996 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (Oakland, California), May 1996.
    PostScript (144 KB)
    gzip'd PostScript
    (50 KB)
    PDF (Adobe Acrobat 2.1)
    (156 KB)
    Bell Labs Talk, 5 April 1996 , 35 slides, one per page.
    PostScript (518 KB)
    gzip'd PostScript
    (50 KB)
    PDF (Adobe Acrobat 2.1)
    (338 KB)
    Bell Labs Talk, 5 April 1996 , 35 slides, two per page.
    PostScript (370 KB)
    gzip'd PostScript
    (44 KB)
    PDF (Adobe Acrobat 2.1)
    (199 KB)
    IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, 6-8 May 1996 , 14 slides, one per page.
    PostScript (556 KB)
    gzip'd PostScript
    (275 KB)
    PDF (Adobe Acrobat 2.1)
    (65 KB)
    "Java Policies" , 6 slides, one per page
    PostScript (37 KB)
    gzip'd PostScript
    (6 KB)
    PDF (Adobe Acrobat 2.1)
    (37 KB)
    See Also
    Java Security: Web Browers and Beyond . Drew Dean, Edward W. Felten, Dan S. Wallach, and Dirk Balfanz. Internet Beseiged: Countering Cyberspace Scofflaws , Dorothy E. Denning and Peter J. Denning, eds. ACM Press (New York, New York), October 1997.
    Security Flaws in the HotJava Web Browser . Drew Dean and Dan S. Wallach, Technical Report 501-95, Department of Computer Science, Princeton University, November 1995.

    72. NIST Course On C++ Programming For Scientists
    gzip postscript (78 KB),; Acrobat (PDF) (127 KB). programming Examples. ANSI C stackexample; C++ struct example dynamic stack. C++ class example dynamic stack. class

    73. Digital Systems Research Center: Report 35
    An Introduction to programming with Threads. postscript compressed with UNIX compress 97 Kbytes; postscript compressed with GNU compress (gzip) 73 Kbytes;
    SRC Research Report 35
    An Introduction to Programming with Threads.
    Andrew D. Birrell.
    January 6, 1989
    35 pages This paper provides an introduction to writing concurrent programs with "threads". A threads facility allows you to write programs with multiple simultaneous points of execution, synchronizing through shared memory. The paper describes the basic thread and synchronization primitives, then for each primitive provides a tutorial on how to use it. The tutorial sections provide advice on the best ways to use the primitives, give warnings about what can go wrong and offer hints about how to avoid these pitfalls. The paper is aimed at experienced programmers who want to acquire practical expertise in writing concurrent programs. Back to the SRC Research Reports main page Download report as:

    74. Software Engineering Laboratory - N.T.U.A.
    The RUBY Language; RUBY 1.4 Refrence; programming Ruby The Pragmatic Programmer'sGuide. for popular UNIX tools Unix Shell (sh) postscript,text C Shell (csh
    This section contains a collection of documents and guides in various formats, such as html, postscript and text. It covers the areas of UNIX, Perl, Ruby, PHP, X11, Motif, C and UNIX shell programming.

    75. General Purpose PostScript Generating Utility - 9 Programming With The Library
    9 programming with the Library. a2ps offers to the programmer an accessto its generating routines. This section documents the API.
    Go to the first previous next last section, table of contents
    9 Programming with the Library
    offers to the programmer an access to its generating routines. This section documents the API. But since this section is empty, or almost, if I were you, I would go in contrib/sample to see how it works...
    9.1 Initialization and Closing of Calls to
    Function: struct a2ps_job * (void)
    Build a new storage unit for the library.
    Function: void (struct a2ps_job * job
    Set job with the default settings defined in the configuration file of the system.
    Function: void (struct a2ps_job * job , char * path , char * filename
    Set job with the default settings defined in the configuration file path filename path can be NULL filename cannot.
    9.2 Print Jobs
    A print job should be seen as associated to a single output.
    Function: void (struct a2ps_job * job
    Initialize job for a new print job.
    Function: void (struct a2ps_job * job
    Closes the current print job, and sends the output.
    9.3 File Jobs
    A file job should be seen as a single input.
    Function: void (struct a2ps_job * job , char * name
    Create and open a new file job in job name can be NULL , in which case its name is defaulted to that of stdin
    Function: void (struct a2ps_job * job
    End the current input session.

    76. Programming In Three Dimensions
    a Thesis by Marc Najork.Category Computers programming Languages Visual Books...... can get my thesis programming in Three Dimensions from the CS Technical Reports serverat the University of Illinois. However, the original postscript file has
    How to get my Thesis
    In principle, you can get my thesis Programming in Three Dimensions from the CS Technical Reports server at the University of Illinois. However, the original Postscript file has a few problems: it's grotesquely large (uncompressed over 74M); figures 5.3 and 5.4 show the wrong drawings; and figures 5.1 through 5.14 do not print on most printers (the story behind this is long and too embarrassing to tell; it involves an ancient version of Mac OS that did not know how to generate portable Postscript). Alternatively (and preferrably) you can download a version of my thesis that fixes these issues, but is otherwise identical to the original. You can choose between the compressed (2980K) and uncompressed (10460K) Postscript (recommended for printing!) and PDF (1177K; good enough for online viewing). Marc Najork Systems Research Center Compaq Computer Corporation Legal Statement ... Privacy Statement

    77. List Of Literate Programming Tools
    NUWEB (postscript) Yet another simple Literate programming tool forarbitrary programming languages, with LaTeX as formatter. Command
    List of Literate Programming Tools
    Have a look at the LitProg Library for a more complete overview and sources.
    CLiP PostScript plain
    A universal (language-independent) literate programming tool, from See also: CLiP Style Part a Part b , ) [PostScript], Description , and the Manuals for the MS-DOS [ PostScript plain Text ], the VAX-VMS [ PostScript plain Text ], and the Unix version [ PostScript plain text
    WEB System of Structured Documentation for C and C++. References [v3.0, all PostScript]: User's Manual common cweave ctangle . A perl tool which severs a cweb file, extracting only those modules matching a given regexp, by S.E. Spero
    A tool for semi-automatic generation of web files on the PC
    Features and comparison with FWEB, by P. Lyon (original message to LitProg mailing list).
    WEB System of Structured Software Design and Documentation for Fortran-77, Fortran-90, Ratfor, C, C++ and TeX. References [v1.30, all PostScript]: fwebmac [40p.], User's Manual [ body index , 200 p.], guide [20p.]. Here is John Krommes' hypertextified

    78. Programming In PostScript
    next up previous Next What is postscript level Up comp.lang.postscriptFAQ Previous What can Adobe do programming in postscript.

    79. [Gs-dgs-devel] Using GhostScript To Transform PostScript Into Programming Object
    Gsdgs-devel Using GhostScript to transform postscript into programming objects?Alex Cherepanov Thu, 8 Feb 2001 172636 -0500
    [Gs-dgs-devel] Using GhostScript to transform PostScript into programming objects?
    Alex Cherepanov
    Thu, 8 Feb 2001 17:26:36 -0500

    80. IAP 2003 Activity: Programming In PostScript
    programming in postscript Bayard W. Wenzel Tue Jan 21, Wed Jan 22, Tue Jan 28,Wed Jan 29, 091000pm, 4-231 No enrollment limit, no advance sign up

    Advanced Search IAP 2003 Activity
    Programming in PostScript

    Bayard W. Wenzel
    Tue Jan 21, Wed Jan 22, Tue Jan 28, Wed Jan 29, 09-10:00pm, 4-231
    No enrollment limit, no advance sign up
    Participants requested to attend all sessions (non-series)
    An overview of the PostScript language will be given, with an eye toward both machine-generated PostScript (i.e. making a program generate printer-ready output) and the use of PostScript itself as a programming language. As PostScript is a reasonably approachable language, only a modest familiarity with computer languages is required, especially with respect to machine-generated PostScript.
    Contact: Bayard W. Wenzel, w20-557, 253-7788,
    Sponsor: Student Information Processing Board Latest update: 25-Oct-2002 Massachusetts Institute of Technology Home Overview Participate Organize ... Search Comments and questions to

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