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         Carter Jimmy:     more books (100)
  1. The Unfinished Presidency: Jimmy Carter's Journey Beyond the White House by Douglas G. Brinkley, 1999-05-01
  2. State of the Union Address by Jimmy Carter, 2010-03-07
  3. Bella Abzug: How One Tough Broad from the Bronx Fought Jim Crow and Joe McCarthy, Pissed Off Jimmy Carter, Battled for the Rights of Women and Workers, ... Planet, and Shook Up Politics Along the Way
  4. Billy Carter: A Journey Through the Shadows by William Carter, 1999-09-25
  5. Dropping the Torch: Jimmy Carter, the Olympic Boycott, and the Cold War by Nicholas Evan Sarantakes, 2010-09-30
  6. Jimmy Carter (Presidential Leaders) by Beverly Gherman, 2003-09
  7. JIMMY CARTER, PUBLIC OPINION by Gregory Paul Domin, 2003-09-01
  8. Measuring Our Success: Sunday Mornings in Plains: Bible Study with Jimmy Carter by Jimmy Carter, 2007-05-15
  9. The Virtues of Aging (Library of Contemporary Thought) by Jimmy Carter, 1998-10-13
  10. Sharing Good Times by Jimmy Carter, 2005-11-01
  11. Jimmy Carter: Builder of Peace (Community Builders) by Linda George, Charles George, 2000-09
  12. Jimmy Carter (Great American Presidents) by Louise Chipley Slavicek, 2003-09
  13. Everything To Gain Signed By Jimmy Carter by Jimmy Carter, 1987
  14. Jimmy Carter: Beyond the Presidency (Picture-Story Biographies) by Mellonee Carrigan, 1995-09

61. C-SPAN Store
carter Center Anniversary 03/21/2002 - 169273. carter Center Anniversary- 03/21/2002 - 169273 Regular price $29.95 Sale price $10.00.
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Campaigns Communication Foreign Affairs ... Other Programs BookTV Coffee Mug Recent Programs Dreams of War Price: $45.00 Sale Price: $29.95 Nerve Center: Inside the White House Situation Room Price: $29.95 History Public Lives Encore Booknotes Children's Books ... All Programs Don't miss Book TV 's In Depth conversation with authors who've made a lifetime of writing. Watch the reairs at noon on the first Sunday each month. You can purchase all the past three hour interviews In Depth Exclusively on Book-TV on C-SPAN 2 American Perspectives Other Programs Recent Programs Prisoner of War Interviews Price: $120.00 Sale Price: $49.95 Anti-War Rally Price: $90.00 Sale Price: $49.95

62. Life Portrait Of Jimmy Carter - 12/03/1999 - 151635
Center Ribuffo, Leo, Professor, George Washington University, History Boyles,Fred, Superintendent, carter (jimmy) National Historic Site Reese, Maxine
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Life Portrait of Jimmy Carter
C-SPAN, American Presidents
Plains, Georgia (United States)
ID: Brinkley, Douglas , Director, University of New Orleans, Eisenhower Center
Ribuffo, Leo , Professor, George Washington University, History
Boyles, Fred , Superintendent, Carter (Jimmy) National Historic Site
Reese, Maxine , Resident, Plains, GA
Wise, Annette , Educator, Carter (Jimmy) National Historic Site
In the thirty-eighth in a series on American presidents, scholars and historians discussed the life and career of Jimmy Carter. Among the issues they discussed were his childhood in Plains, Georgia, his naval career, his early political career, and several aspects of his presidency including his handling of the Camp David Accords. They also talked about his life and work after the presidency. During the program video footage, still photographs, and other items relating to Carter were shown. An educator was interviewed and guests responded to viewer questions and comments. Regular price: $90.00

63. Jimmy Carter By Melissa Trout
A look at carter's contributions to world peace efforts both during and after his administration.Category Society History Presidents carter, James Earl......jimmy carter By Melissa Trout, Nuclear Peace Foundation Intern June 1998. Everyone has library. Not former President jimmy carter. Since
Jimmy Carter By Melissa Trout,
Nuclear Peace Foundation Intern
June 1998 "Everyone has a right to peaceful coexistence, the basic personal freedoms, the alleviation of suffering, and the opportunity to lead a productive life..."
-Jimmy Carter After leaving office, most presidents either retire to their ranches, go on the political fundraising circuit, play golf, or collect political papers for the creation of their commemorative library. Not former President Jimmy Carter. Since his presidency, Carter has demonstrated that he is undoubtedly an extraordinary person in his ceaseless contributions to the world. Although former President Jimmy Carter's tenure as chief executive ended nearly two decades ago, his dedication to a world characterized by peace and freedom from conflict has grown with each passing year. Jimmy Carter's many contributions to the international community demonstrate that no vision is too great, and no dream unattainable.
His role in resolving disputes between Israel and Egypt, despite their prolonged history of antagonism, illuminates Carter's heartfelt commitment to a more peaceful and better world. One of his most notable accomplishments was his position as mediator during the Camp David Accords of 1978. Hoping to mitigate and ultimately put an end to the volatile Arab/Israeli conflict in the Middle East, Carter instigated a set of peace talks, the Camp David Accords, between Egyptian President Anwar Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin. Both leaders were invited to Camp David, the exclusive presidential retreat with the goal of opening lines of communication between the two extremely hostile countries.

64. Green Apple Books: Outdoor Journal By Carter, Jimmy
Hardcover with DustJacket Publisher Bantam Year Published 1988 Book Condition VG in VG DJ....... Title An Outdoor Journal Author carter, jimmy

65. Anderson , Benedict
carter , jimmy. An hour before daylight 2001 E 873 .C36 2001, COPIES01. COURSE W4429 S03 PROFESSOR Fields. Search Across All CU
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(SPRING 2003)
Anderson , Benedict
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66. George Coleman, Mike Stern, Ron Carter, Jimmy Cobb - 4 Generations Of Miles
. 4 Generations Of Miles George Coleman, Mike Stern, Ron carter, JimmyCobb Chesky. George Coleman’s muscular tone and passionate
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Jazz Standard Time

Dan Jacobs
Another Sunrise

Bob McHugh
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Babatunde Lea
From Me to You

Terry Gibbs

Simone Guiducci Welcome to AAJ! New to Jazz? Building a Jazz Library History of Jazz ... Jazz Humor Concert Posters 4 Generations Of Miles
Jim Santella Track Listing: There is No Greater Love; All Blues; On Green Dolphin Street; Blue In Green; 81; Freddie Freeloader; My Funny Valentine; If I Were a Bell; Oleo. Personnel: George Coleman- tenor saxophone; Mike Stern- guitar; Ron Carter- bass; Jimmy Cobb- drums. Search For Another CD Review... Search by Artist Name, Record Label or Review Author Contact Us Help Wanted Suggestion Box ... For Contributors

67. Jazz Magazine And Resource | ALL ABOUT JAZZ: Ron Carter, Jimmy Cobb, George Cole
News Courtesy Ron carter, jimmy Cobb, George Coleman,Mike Stern 4 Generations Of Miles 2002-10-25. ONE LEGEND . . .
News Courtesy Ron Carter, Jimmy Cobb, George Coleman, Mike Stern - "4 Generations Of Miles"
New York, NY - The night of May 12, 2002 may have just become another important milestone on the timeline of legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis. Four musicians, each representing a different Miles Davis band from his ever-evolving career, came together at the club Makor in New York City to do what everybody said couldn’t be done: to effectively fuse together elements of the radically different styles that Miles Davis embodied over his 45 years of professional performance. But after witnessing the masterful skills of drummer Jimmy Cobb, tenor saxophonist George Coleman, bassist Ron Carter and guitarist Mike Stern, it is clear they almost immediately established the kind of chemistry that pays tribute to every facet of Miles Davis’ lifetime of work. Four contrasting approaches to the jazz combo; four different perspectives on the improviser’s art; one live set in New York City- this is the 4 Generations of Miles- a live tribute to Miles Davis. On this live recording, we sought to bring together the different styles of the four musicians with Miles’ best-loved songs as the platform. The set starts out with “There Is No Greater Love” from The New Miles Davis Quintet of 1955, and finishes with the duo “If I Were a Bell” and “Oleo”, songs from the acclaimed Relaxin’ with Miles album. Stalwarts “All Blues”, “Blue In Green” and “Freddie Freeloader” seemed to be mandatory from the influential album Kind of Blue. And Ron Carter certified his song “81” from E.S.P., one of Miles’ favorites, to round out the middle section. These are the songs that Miles loved, and each member within this group of four musicians succeeded in representing their respective style amidst the diverse musical background of Miles Davis.

68. Carter, Jimmy
carter, jimmy (James Earl carter, Jr.), 1924, 39th President of the UnitedStates (1977-81); b. Plains, Ga, grad. Annapolis, 1946. carter, jimmy.
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    Carter, Jimmy (James Earl Carter, Jr.), 1924-, 39th President of the United States (1977-81); b. Plains, Ga, grad. Annapolis, 1946. Until 1953, Carter served in the navy, where he worked with Admiral Hyman G. Rickover in developing the nuclear submarine program. Resigning his commission after his father's death, he ran his family's peanut farm, which he built into a prosperous business. In 1962 he was elected as a Democrat to the first of two terms in the Georgia Senate. He ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1966, but succeeded four years later, replacing Lester Maddox . As governor, Carter proclaimed that the time had come to end racial discrimination and formed alliances with such civil rights leaders as Andrew Young Although not well known outside of Georgia, Carter announced that he would run for president at the end of his gubernatorial term. His success at first seemed unlikely, but through sustained and diligent campaigning he won the 1976 Democratic presidential nomination, and with Minnesota Senator Walter F. Mondale as his running mate, Carter defeated incumbent President Gerald R.
  • 69. Invaders From Mars (1953): Arthur Franz, Helena Carter, Jimmy Hunt, William Came
    INVADERS FROM MARS OVERVIEW, CAST CREW Arthur Franz, Helena carter,jimmy Hunt Directed by William Cameron Menzies more SYNOPSIS

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    70. Invaders From Mars (1953): Arthur Franz, Helena Carter, Jimmy Hunt, William Came
    Reviews of the movie INVADERS FROM MARS (1953) the nation's top critics and audiences. Also includes movie info, trailer, interviews, articles, and box

    71. Carter, Jimmy
    ICPSR Logo. THESAURUS PERSONAL NAMES C . carter, jimmy. Search for this Term.DATE(S) b.1924. DESCRIPTION 39th President of the United States 1977-1981.

    Carter, Jimmy
    Search for this Term DATE(S): b.1924- DESCRIPTION: 39th President of the United States 1977-1981. NAME VARIANT(S): James Earl Carter, Jr. data analysis system related sites help what's new ... INTERNATIONAL ARCHIVE OF EDUCATION DATA
    P.O. Box 1248 Ann Arbor MI 48106-1248
    Phone: 734.615.7667 Fax: 734.647.8700

    72. Encyclopædia Britannica
    carter, jimmy Encyclopædia Britannica Article. MLA style carter, jimmy. Encyclopædia Britannica 2003 Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service.

    73. Encyclopædia Britannica
    Encyclopædia Britannica, carter, jimmy Encyclopædia Britannica Article. MLAstyle carter, jimmy. 2003 Encyclopædia Britannica Premium Service.

    74. Carter, Jimmy
    carter, jimmy,. carter. Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States jimmycarter, 9 vol. (197782), includes speeches and statements from 1977 to 1981.

    75. Jimmy Carter - Biografie Rasscass
    Translate this page jimmy carter. Im Jahr 2000 wurde jimmy carter mit der Eisenhower-Medaille und2002 nach mehrfacher Nominierung mit dem Friedensnobelpreis geehrt.

    76. BBC NEWS | In Depth | Newsmakers | Jimmy Carter: Born Again Statesman
    BBC examines how jimmy carter has rehabilitated his reputation with his success in mediating in international conflict. Discusses trip to Cuba in 2002.
    You are in: In Depth: Newsmakers News Front Page World ... Programmes SERVICES Daily E-mail News Ticker Mobile/PDAs Text Only ... Help EDITIONS Change to World Friday, 17 May, 2002, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK Jimmy Carter: Born again statesman
    By Bob Chaundy
    BBC News profiles unit Visiting Cuba, Jimmy Carter called for US sanctions to end if Castro improved civil liberties. The former president has won more respect for his recent statesmanship than he ever did during his White House years. When, in 1977, James Earl Carter Jr blew into Washington DC "like a Southern breeze", the 39th President of the United States symbolised a bright, new future. It wasn't all smiles during his presidency
    He'd emerged from the obscurity of a peanut farm in his native Georgia as a man of honesty, armed with the slogan "Trust Me". With the country still reeling from the Watergate scandal, this platform had much appeal. With unprecedented informality, he insisted on being called Jimmy, and he and his wife Rosalynn walked hand-in-hand from Capitol Hill to the White House on inauguration day. Yet, Jimmy Carter was dumped from the presidency after serving just one four-year term, the first elected president to be defeated in office since 1932.

    77. Carter, Jimmy  US-Präsident
    jimmy ) carter, * 1924 amerikanischer Politiker, Mitglied der DemokratischenPartei, 39. Präsident der USA (1977 bis 1981), nach Nixon, vor Ford.
    James Earl Carter US-Präsident von 1977 - 1981 Friedens-Nobel-Preis 2002 James Earl ("Jimmy") Carter, * 1924
    amerikanischer Politiker, Mitglied der Demokratischen Partei,
    39. Präsident der USA (1977 bis 1981), nach Nixon, vor Ford. Größtes Verdienst: 1979 "Camp-David-Abkommen"
    Friedensabkommen zwischen Ägypten und Israel Zweifelhaft: 1980 "Carter-Doktrin"
    Carter erklärte unter dem sowjetischen Einmarsch in Afghanistan die Golfregion
    zum "amerikanischen Interessengebiet" Insgesamt jedoch ein Politiker des Dialogs:
    gegen Widerstände in der eigenen Partei traf sich Carter mit Castro
    u.v.m. (siehe Friedens-Nobel-Preis 2002 -a- -b- -c- ... -z-

    78. - Carter, Jimmy (1924-)
    carter, jimmy. jimmy carter was de 39ste president van de Verenigde Staten vanAmerika (19771981). jimmy carter kwam in een moeilijke tijd aan de macht.
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    Carter, Jimmy
    Amerikaanse president James Earl Carter werd in 1924 in Plains geboren. Jimmy Carter was de 39ste president van de Verenigde Staten van Amerika (1977-1981). Jimmy Carter kwam in een moeilijke tijd aan de macht. De bevolking van de Verenigde Staten had door de nederlaag in Vietnam en het Watergate-schandaal het geloof in de politiek totaal verloren. De binnenlandse politiek van Jimmy Carter was gericht op structurele verbeteringen en stabilisering van de economie. De belangrijkste daad van Jimmy Carter in zijn buitenlandse politiek was het leiden van de vredesonderhandelingen tussen Egypte en Israël in Camp David. Onder meer vanwege de mislukte bevrijdingspoging van de gijzelaars in de ambassade in Teheran (Iran) in 1979 leed Jimmy Carter tijdens de verkiezingen in 1981 de grootste democratische nederlaag ooit.

    79. International Biography
    carter, jimmy (1924) 39th president of the USA 1977-81, a Democrat.In 1976 he narrowly wrested the presidency from Gerald Ford.
    Carter, Jimmy 39th president of the USA 1977-81, a Democrat. In 1976 he narrowly wrested the presidency from Gerald Ford. Features of his presidency were the return of the Panama Canal Zone to Panama, the Camp David Agreements for peace in the Middle East, and the Iranian seizure of US embassy hostages. He was defeated by Ronald Reagan 1980. During the 1990s he emerged as a leading mediator and peace negotiator, securing President Aristide's safe return to Haiti Oct 1994.
    Born in Plains, Georgia, Carter served in the navy as a physicist until 1953, when he took over the family peanut business. He first entered politics 1962 when he made a successful bid for the Georgia State Senate, and in 1970 was elected governor. In 1976, after a long and hard fought campaign, he won the Democratic presidential nomination and went on to secure a narrow victory over Gerald Ford, becoming the first Southern president since the American Civil War.
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    80. Awesome Library - Social_Studies
    leaders, rulers, Presidents, and Prime Ministers; Bush, George Library;carter, jimmy - Library (NARA) Provides historical information
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    American Presidents
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